ASAS Syllabus

ASAS Syllabus

Syllabus is based on past year textbooks, there may be changes to current year textbooks’ edition.
ASAS does not offer all the subjects listed below each semester or each year. Certain subjects may be offered on an alternate-year basis or as determined by demand. Check with our consultants on the availability of the subjects:


English & Communication Subjects


Freshman Composition I (ENG 101)
Freshman Composition II (ENG 102)


Arts & Humanities Subjects


Introduction to Art Appreciation (AR 103)
Introduction to Music Appreciation (MUS 100)


History & Geography Subjects


World Regional Geography (GEOG 211) [Previous name and course code is World Geography (GEOG 300)]


Mathematics & Science Subjects


College Algebra (MATH 106)


Psychology & Counseling Subjects


Abnormal Child Psychology (PSYC 305)
Abnormal Psychology (PSYC 430) [Previous course code is PSYC 230] 
Autism in Children and Adults (PSYC 370)
Behavior Modification (PSYC 385)
Case Management in Practice (PRAC 405)
Child Development (PSYC 204)
Child Play Therapy (PSYC 388)
Children with Special Needs (ED 380)
Cognitive Psychology (PSYC 414) [Previous course code is PSYC 214]
Counseling (PSYC 312)/Counseling & Psychotherapy (PSYC 427)
Developmental Psychology (PSYC 207)
Education Psychology (ED 345/PSYC 358)
Ethics in Counseling (ETHICS 203)
Forensic Psychology (PSYC 384)
General Psychology (PSYC 101)
Group Counseling Process & Practice (PSYC 314)
Health Psychology (PSYC 348)
Health, Safety and Nutrition of Young Children (ECE 115)
Helping Relationships (PSYC 313)
Human Sexuality (PSYC 343)
Introduction To Early Childhood Education (ED 210)
Introduction to Social Science Research (PSYC 399A)
Motivation (PSYC 315)
Organization Psychology (PSYC 350A) [Previous name and course code is Industrial Psychology (PSYC 350)]
Parenting: Parent-Child Relationship (PSYC 480) [Previous course code is PSYC 280]
Practicum – Psychological Counseling Skills (PRAC 901)
Psychological Testing and Assessment (PSYC 346)
Psychology of Aging (PSYC 330)
Psychology of Learning (PSYC 456) [Previous course code is PSYC 256] 
Research Methods (PSYC 399)
Sports Psychology (PSYC 345)
Strategic Classroom Management (ED 410)
Stress Management (PSYC 450) [Previous course code is PSYC 250]
Theories of Personality (PSYC 465) [Previous course code is PSYC 265] 


Sociology & Criminology Subjects


Crime & Delinquency (SOC 245)
Criminal Justice (SOC 346)
Deviance and Social Control (SOC 444)
Family Violence (SOC 341)
Human Behavior & Social Environment (SOC 348)
Introduction to Social Science Research (SOC 399)
Introduction to Sociology (SOC 201) 
Marriage & Family (SOC 320) [Previous course code is SOC 220]
Social Problems & Social Welfare (SOC 251)
Social Psychology (SOC 401)
Theories of Crime Analysis (CRJ 405)
Theories of Criminal Behavior (CRJ 415)
Victimology (SOC 479) [Previous course code is SOC 279]


Business & Hospitality Subjects


Advertising and Promotion (BUS 315)
Computer Applications (BUS 120)
Customer Service Management (HOSP 214)
Events Management (HOSP 217)
Financial Accounting (BUS 207)
Hospitality Marketing (HOSP 313)
Human Resource Management (BUS 362) [Previous course code is BUS 314] 
International Business (BUS 330)
Introduction to Hospitality Management (HOSP 201)
Macroeconomics (ECON 255)
Managerial Accounting (BUS 208)
Microeconomics (ECON 256)
Organization Communications (BUS 359/COMM 326)
Organizational Behavior (BUS 322)
Principles of Management (BUS 361)
Principles of Marketing (BUS 304)
Professional Ethics (PHIL 202)
Supervisory Management (BUS 318)

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