Practicum – Psychological Counseling Skills

Practicum – Psychological Counseling Skills


The Internship and Supervision process is designed to offer students an opportunity to demonstrate skills acquired in the classroom to actual counselling situations during practicum.

During these experiences, students are supervised by the Site Supervisors and Clinical Supervisor and receive feedback concerning themselves, clients, the counselling process, and professional issues.

They also learn the importance of supervision and the need for continued learning while in the role of the professional counsellor.

We urge students to participate actively in the process and to seek to use supervision to enhance their skill level and to integrate their learning and personality. In order to maximize this experience, the following guidelines are recommended for students:

1) Be prepared to write record all counselling sessions with clients for whom you have permission. Working with supervisors to prepare your approach to clients in securing this permission will help decrease anxiety for your clients and for you.

2) Be prepared for all supervision and counselling sessions. Prior to any5 session, formulate questions about clients, your reactions to the session, the process of counselling, theory and interventions, then be ready to ask these questions of your Supervisor.

3) Be prepared to receive critical and supportive supervisory feedback. In group supervision sessions, be prepared to exchange critical and supportive feedback with your peers.

4) Early in the practicum engagement, formulate learning goals for supervision with your Clinical Supervisor.

5) Work to develop openness and honest interactions in the supervisory relationship. As a parallel to the counselling relationship, supervision is a confidential relationship from which you may get just as much benefit as you are willing to put into it.



Types of hours Number of hours
1.       Face-to-face client contact 100
2.       Face-to-face consultation with Supervisor 10
3.       Self-Guided learning hours 40


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