Family and Caregiver Engagement (WSQ)

Family and Caregiver Engagement (WSQ)

Accredited under Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications System

  1. Course Prefix/Number: TGS-2020505813 (Old Code: CRS-Q-0041918-SSC)
  2. Total Training Duration: 30 Hours
  3. Course Objectives: Learners will be able to engage families and caregivers in complementing the centre’s collaborative programs and activities and guide them in decision making for the child.
  4. Course Content:
    The learner will be able to achieve the following learning outcomes upon completion of training:
    LO1: Identify family characteristics and influences of family and caregiver
    LO2: Identify mandated parent involvement and assess support needs and the gaps in the families’ understanding of children development
    LO3: Identify attitudes of teachers that help build foundations of a successful partnership and facilitate informed choice and decision making by families
    LO4: Build rapport with families to facilitate home-centre collaboration
    LO5: Promote positive learning outcomes for children through family involvement and engagements
    LO6: Assess effectiveness of communication and engagement methods
    LO7: Educate families or caregivers on children development and the factors that impact development
    LO8: Coach families and caregivers to support the learning and development of children
  5. Certification Type: Statement of Attainment
  6. Certification Title: Family and Caregiver Engagement (WSQ)
  7. Area of Training: Education and Training
  8. Education Target Group:
    • Secondary education without a GCE ‘O’ / ‘N’ Level pass or their equivalent
    • At least 1 GCE ‘N’ Level pass
    • National ITE Certificate (Intermediate) or equivalent (eg National Technical Certificate Grade 3, Certificate of Vocational Training, BCA Builder Certificate)
    • WSQ Certificate or equivalent
    • Polytechnic diploma
    • Diploma qualifications (eg NIE diploma, SIM diploma, LaSalle-SIA diploma, NAFA diploma)
    • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
    • At least 1 WSQ Statement of Attainment or ITE modular certificate at Post-Secondary Level (Non-Tertiary) or equivalent
  9. Mode of Training: Part Time
  10. Language Medium Provided: English
  11. Payment Type: Nett Fee
  12. Duration Components:
    1. 1.5 (Assessment Hours)
    2. 22.5 (Classroom Training Hours)
    3. 6 (E-Learning Hours)
  13. Total Cost of Training per Trainee: $920.00 (Discounted. List price is $980)

Students need to attain 75% attendance and pass the course to be eligible for the subsidies.

Self-sponsored Individual


Fees Government Subsidies Remaining Course Fees
$920.00 -$510.00
(for 21-39 years old and Permanent Residents)
(Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy)


Small-Medium Enterprise (SME)

Fees Government Subsidies Remaining Course Fees
$920.00 -$750.00
(Non-WTS / Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy)



Fees Government Subsidies Remaining Course Fees
$920.00 -$510.00
(Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy)


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