Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice


This course provides an introduction to the criminal justice system. The primary goal of this course is to develop a general understanding of the workings of the police, courts, and correctional systems in and outside of Singapore. Students will have the opportunity to learn different theories on crime & victimization; criminal justice system’s response to crime; and challenges in criminal justice.


Learning Outcomes:

Learning outcomes The learner will: Assessment criteria The learner can:
1. Demonstrate a basic understanding of law and justice, and an understanding of issues relating to criminal justice and the criminal justice system. 1.1 Understand the major concepts and theories relating to criminal justice and the criminal justice system.
1.2 Explain the causes of crime and the issues surrounding them.
2. Synthesize information on all facets or dimensions of criminal justice. 2.1 Critically evaluate multiple perspectives on criminal justice.
2.2 Develop both local and global knowledge on criminal justice and its systems.
3. Analyze and reflect on issues regarding criminal justice. 3.1 Apply major concepts and theories to real world issues regarding criminal justice.
3.2 Evaluate the issues and understand the limitations of the criminal justice system.


Course Outline

  • Introduction & Administrative Matters
  • Crime and Criminal Justice
  • Nature and extent of crime
  • Understanding crime and victimization
  • Criminal Law
  • Public policing and public security
  • The Police: Organization, Role, and Function
  • Issues in policing
  • Police and the Rule of Law
  • Court structure and personnel (Singapore)
  • Punishment and sentencing
  • Community sentences, probation
  • Corrections, history, institutions and populations
  • Prison life
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Cybercrime and Terrorism


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