Application Procedure

Application Procedure

These are the documents required for first-time course registration. Please bring the original documents along when you come down to sign up at Arium School of Arts & Sciences.

Documents Required
icon-id Student NRIC or ID
icon-id Student Passport. (For International Students Only)
icon-id Student Birth Certificate (For International Students Only)
icon-two-doc Highest Education Certificate and Transcripts (Translated and Notarized)
icon-two-doc 2 Passport Size Photographs (White Background) (For International Students Only)
icon-two-doc CV (For mature candidates)


Forms Required
icon-form ASAS Application Form
icon-contract Student Contract *
icon-form Student Advisory Form

* The Standard PEI-Student Contract (“Student Contract”) ASAS adopts is a very important legal document between the School and the student.

It is the responsibility of the School to explain the following contents of the student contract in English or in the native language of the student (where applicable):
i. Course information and Fees
ii. Course information and Fees Refund Policy, including Refunds for Withdrawal for Cause and Refunds for Withdrawal without Cause
iii. Any other information as deemed necessary

All fields must be completed in the student contract. Where any field is not applicable, it must be indicated with “not applicable or N/A”.