Theories of Crime Analysis

Theories of Crime Analysis

  1. Module Title: Theories of Crime Analysis
  2. Module Prefix/Number: CRJ 405
  3. Credit Hours: Three (3)
  4. Description: This course will give the basics necessary for the understanding of crime analysis, which is the application of analytical methods to crime date collected for use in criminal investigation, trend analysis and other law enforcement requirements. It will cover topics such as criminal justice system, criminal behavior and fundamentals of crime analysis. Students will learn about the tools used by Crime Analysts, such as applied research methods, critical thinking, qualitative analysis, inferential statistics and crime mapping.
  5. Grading Scale: Your letter grade in this course will be determined by calculating your score on all assignments and exams as a percentage of the total possible score, on a standard grading scale:
    Your Letter Grade Your Score as % of Total
    A 90–100
    B 80-89
    C 70-79
    D 60-69
    F 0-59


    The assessment consists of one essay assignment.

  6. Course Outline
    • Fundamentals of Crime Analysis
    • Understanding the Criminal Justice System
    • Understanding Criminal Behavior
    • Environmental Criminology
    • Applied Research in Crime Analysis
    • Strategic & Tactical Crime Analysis
    • Interpreting Data
    • Law Enforcement Data – Strengths & Limitations
    • Self-Reporting & Victimization Studies
    • Spatial & Temporal Elements in Crime Analysis
    • Crime Mapping
    • Predictive Techniques
    • Effective Research & Writing on Crime Analysis

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