Theories of Crime Analysis

Theories of Crime Analysis


This course will give the basics necessary for the understanding of crime analysis, which is the application of analytical methods to crime date collected for use in criminal investigation, trend analysis and other law enforcement requirements. It will cover topics such as criminal justice system, criminal behavior and fundamentals of crime analysis. Students will learn about the tools used by Crime Analysts, such as applied research methods, critical thinking, qualitative analysis, inferential statistics and crime mapping.


Learning Outcomes:

Learning outcomes
The learner will:
Assessment criteria
The learner can:
1. Demonstrate a basic understanding of crime analysis, and an understanding of issues relating to crime analysis and Environmental Criminology. 1.1 Understand the important concepts and theories relating to crime analysis and Environmental Criminology.

1.2 Explain the causes of crime and the issues surrounding them.

2. Synthesize information on all facets or dimensions of crime justice system and crime analysis.



2.1 Identify different perspectives on criminal justice, including policing methods, strategies and information collection.

2.2 Describe the relationship between different characteristics, analyze crime statistic, and evaluate crime mapping.

3. Analyze and reflect on issues regarding crime data collection and crime analysis.


3.1 Understand major methods of crime reporting and data collection.

3.2 Evaluate the issues and understand the limitations of different crime reporting methods and crime analysis.


Course Outline

  • Crime, Criminal Justice System & Criminology
  • Crime Data
  • Crime Analysis
  • Crime Mapping
  • Environmental Criminology
  • Crime Triangle
  • Rational Choice Theory
  • Crime Pattern Theory
  • Routine Activities Theory
  • Policing Models
  • Crime Analysis Process
  • Crime Mapping by Types of Analysis
  • Data Collection and Collation
  • Geographic Data
  • Crime Mapping Techniques
  • Crime Analysis Typology
  • Situation Awareness
  • Crime Analysis Process
  • Crime Mapping by Types of Analysis
  • Data Collection and Collation
  • Tactical Crime Analysis (1)
  • Tactical Data Collection
  • Pattern Identification Methodology
  • Identifying leads
  • Tactical Crime Analysis (2)
  • Identifying Meaningful and Useful Patterns
  • Disseminating known Patterns
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Strategic Crime Analysis (1)
  • Defining Problem
  • Strategic Crime Analysis (2)
  • Analysis & Results
  • Strategic Analysis Products


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