Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management


This module introduces learners to Human Resource Development. Learners will understand the concepts, processes, and practices that form the basis of successful HRD. This course serves as a comprehensive introduction for individuals who have had limited or no coursework or experience with HRD. With completion of the module, individuals will become more informed consumers of the HRD efforts offered by their organizations and find themselves more ready to design and deliver training /HRD activities.


Learning Outcomes:

1. Describe the roles and competencies of HRD professionals.
2. Discuss the influences on employee behavior using psychological theories and models.
3. Discuss the key learning theories, strategies, and styles
4. Discuss strategies to maximize learning
5. Apply processes and strategies to Assessing HRD Needs
6. Apply processes and strategies to Designing effective HRD program
7. Critique the various methods of Implementing HRD program
8. Apply frameworks and strategies to Evaluate HRD program
9. Discuss key processes & strategies to apply HRD in:
     a. Coaching & Performance Management
     b. Organization Development & Change
     c. Onboarding: Employee Socialization and Orientation


Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Influences on Employee Behavior
  • Learning and & HRD
  • Assessing HRD needs
  • Designing Effective HRD Programs
  • Evaluating HRD programs
  • Organizational Development & Change
  • Onboarding: Employee Socialization
  • Implementing HRD Programs
  • Coaching & Performance Management


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