Para-Counselling (WSQ)

Para-Counselling (WSQ)

Accredited under Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications System

  1. Course Prefix/Number: TGS-2020503182 (Old Code: CRS-Q-0040437-SSC)
  2. Total Training Duration: 30 Hours
  3. Course Objectives:
    Learners will be able to acquire skills, attitude and knowledge to provide para-counselling to clients within an agreed counselling framework. It includes supporting certified counselling professionals in their daily work and supporting the implementation of appropriate para-counselling approaches.
    The learner will be able to achieve the following learning outcomes upon completion of training:
    LO1: Identify the roles of a para-counsellor
    LO2: Describe the guiding principles and ethical issues of counselling
    LO3: Explain theories and techniques of 6 counselling therapies
    LO4: Apply communication techniques when interacting with clients
    LO5: Apply integrative approach in counselling
    LO6: Apply counselling skills to meet client’s needs in different setting
  4. Course Content:
    i) Introduction to Counselling
    • The role of Para–counsellors
    • Becoming an Effective Multicultural Counsellorii) Ethical issues in counselling practice
    • Putting Clients’ Needs Before Your Own
    • The Right of Informed Consent
    • Dimensions of Confidentiality
    • Becoming an Ethical Counselloriii) Theories and techniques of Counselling Key concepts, the therapeutic process and application of the following therapies:
    • Psychoanalytic Therapy
    • Person-centred Therapy
    • Gestalt Therapy
    • Behavior Therapy
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    • Family Counsellingiv) Communication & Integration
    • Communication techniques throughout the counselling process:
    • Attending & Listening Skills
    • Responding & Questioning Skills
    • Relate Theories and Integrate in Counselling Practicev) Practical for Counselling Skills
    • Apply counselling skills to meet the needs of diverse client in different settings
  5. Certification Type: Statement of Attainment
  6. Certification Title: Para-Counselling (WSQ)
  7. Area of Training: Community and Social Services
  8. Education Target Group:
    1. Secondary education without a GCE ‘O’ / ‘N’ Level pass or their equivalent
    2. At least 1 GCE ‘N’ Level pass
    3. National ITE Certificate (Intermediate) or equivalent (eg National Technical Certificate Grade 3, Certificate of Vocational Training, BCA Builder Certificate)
    4. WSQ Certificate or equivalent
    5. Polytechnic diploma
    6. Diploma qualifications (eg NIE diploma, SIM diploma, LaSalle-SIA diploma, NAFA diploma)
    7. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
    8. At least 1 WSQ Statement of Attainment or ITE modular certificate at Post-Secondary Level (Non-Tertiary) or equivalent
  9. Mode of Training: Full Time/Part Time
  10. Language Medium Provided: English
  11. Payment Type: Nett Fee
  12. Duration Components:
    1. 1.5 (Assessment Hours)
    2. 20 (Classroom Training Hours)
    3. 2.5 (Practical / Practicum Training Hours)
    4. 6 (e Learning hours)
  13. Total Cost of Training per Trainee: $920.00 (Discounted. List price is $980)

Students need to attain 75% attendance and pass the course to be eligible for the subsidies.

Self-sponsored Individual


Fees Government Subsidies Remaining Course Fees
$920.00 -$510.00
(for 21-39 years old and Permanent Residents)
(Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy)


Small-Medium Enterprise (SME)

Fees Government Subsidies Remaining Course Fees
$920.00 -$750.00
(Non-WTS / Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy)



Fees Government Subsidies Remaining Course Fees
$920.00 -$510.00
(Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy)


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