The Impact of Helping Relationships

The Impact of Helping Relationships

By: ASAS School

March 24, 2020


Have you ever faced difficult challenges in your life that you were not able to resolve on your own? Perhaps at one time or another, a friend or family member has provided support to you? This makes up a huge part of helping relationships and is used to facilitate growth and development for the individual.


It is a relationship established between two or more people for the purpose of giving and receiving help. Helpers need to be able to understand feelings and experiences by viewing them from the client’s viewpoint. This way, clients will feel that they have been clearly heard and will then be more open to receiving help.

Helpers such as counsellors are faced with clients that have different backgrounds and views, which influences their morals and values. Hence, they are required increase their awareness and eventually, their level of communication. It goes beyond the surface of words spoken and counsellors have to be aware of the non-verbal communication being expressed, such as the subtleties of their clients’ behaviours and actions revealed to them, and how to correctly approach their clients.

As a counsellor, it is their responsibility to provide assistance to those in need and this requires a safe environment in order for clients to be able to trust their helpers enough to ask for help.

There are many characteristics of helping relationships such as compassion, wisdom, realness, acceptance, trust, empathetic understanding and respect. With these features and the assistance from their helpers, clients are further able to take responsibility for their own growth and problem solving.

As a counsellor, helping relationships will become an integral part of your career.

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