Child Psychology and Special Needs Education

Child Psychology and Special Needs Education

By: Morris ASAS

March 30, 2022



Passionate, Engaging, and Patient Trainers

Using interesting activities and engaging, sharing sessions with videos, the students are able to learn, understand the syllabus materials, acquire knowledge, skills that give a better understanding to the subject achieving their calling and future career opportunities.



Courses Potential Career Path
1. Specialist Diploma in Child Psychology – Assistant in Child Care Centre’s

– Pre-School Counselors

– Nurseries

– Child Psychologist

– Childcare Worker

2. WSQ Advanced Certificate in Social Service (Early Intervention Training) – Early Intervention Teachers in Early Intervention Programmes for Infants and Children (EIPIC)

– Early Intervention Teachers in Integrated Child Care Centres (ICCC)

– Preschool Teachers

3. Specialist Diploma in Special Needs Education – Special Needs Assistant

– Special Needs Teachers

– Pre-school Teacher

– Kindergarten Teacher

– Secondary School Teacher

– Teaching Assistant

– Childcare worker

– Counselor


Let’s hear from our former students.

Personal experiences shared by the lecturers are related to the course and the course provides the platform which I need for my future career.


Heather Choy: Specialist Diploma in Child Psychology – 9 April 2019

The course meets my needs financially, time management and fulfill my interest in Child Psychology and most importantly. I learned the development of a child and other important modules about children.


Nur Syazana Bte Ami: Specialist Diploma in Child Psychology – 22 July 2019

The lecturers are helpful, engaging, and help me understand the purpose of different theories.


Pay Mei Fang: Specialist Diploma in Child Psychology – 24 October 2019

The course is helpful in real-life application, within my learning time frame and the course schedule are flexible for me.


Juwayriah: Specialist Diploma in Child Psychology – 20 March 2020

The various courses are very detailed and the lecturers are able to conduct the classes well. I had in-depth understanding of child psychology, assessment, child development, report writing and stress management.


Indrani N.: Specialist Diploma in Child Psychology – 20 March 2020

I like the in-depth modules with sharing sessions by fellow peers/course mates/lecturers and appreciate the flexible installment plan.


Enuanmie Md. Shah: Specialist Diploma in Special Needs- 20 March 2020




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