WSQ Advanced Certificate in Social Service (Early Intervention Teaching)

WSQ Social Service Course

By: ASAS School

March 4, 2021


WSQ Advanced Certificate in Social Service (Early Intervention Teaching) Description

This qualification, pitched at Advanced Certificate Level, aims to prepare learners to be patient, nurturing and empathetic and develop their interests and skills in working with children with special needs and their families. The 6 modules in the programme have addressed the key challenges faced by early intervention (EI) teacher and will further equip the learners with the knowledge and competencies in applying EI principles and strategies, supporting students with special needs, managing classroom, monitoring students’ progress, preparing Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), dealing with compassion fatigue and engaging with their families.


Minimum Entry Requirements

Education Level, and language & literacy proficiency level

  • GCE ‘N’ Level
  • Demonstrate English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills at a proficiency level not lower than the ES WSQ Workplace Literacy (WPL) Level 4


Assumed Attitude, Skills and Knowledge

Learners who signed up for this programme are assumed to have the following skills and attitude:

  • Positive attitude towards learning and ability to communicate with team members effectively
  • Willingness to help children with special needs
  • It is recommended that learners have completed the Level 2 course of ‘Early intervention: Fundamentals and Principles’ and have acquired some basic knowledge of early intervention

No Prior work experience required.


Target Audience

Existing early intervention teachers and teacher assistants, and PMEs who are keen to be early intervention teachers working in Early Intervention Programmes for Infants and Children (EIPIC) Centres, Integrated Child Care Centres (ICCC), preschools, junior classes in special education schools and other Voluntary Welfare Organisations.


Qualifications Awarded

Upon completion of all six modules, learners will be awarded a full qualification.


WSQ Advanced Certificate in Social Service (Early Intervention Teaching) Details

  • Cohort Size: 20 pax
  • Program Duration: 5 months. This is a part-time course with lessons being conducted 1-2 times a week (weekday or weekend).
  • Lesson Timings:
    • Weekday – 7PM to 10PM
    • Weekend – 9AM to 6PM


WSQ Advanced Certificate in Social Service (Early Intervention Teaching) Fees

Fees Breakdown Total Payable (S$)
Course Fee $5,180
Student & Government grants might be available, please call our consultants to enquire TODAY!
Registration fee $150
Course material fee $20 – $90 each
Graduation fee $250
One-time Only Admin Fee (Payable at the end of the program) $300 (Applicable for monthly payment only)
$200 (Applicable for Bi-Monthly payment mode)
Waived Admin Fee for Half-yearly payment mode


WSQ Advanced Certificate in Social Service (Early Intervention Teaching) Modules

ID Course Code Subject Title Total Training Duration
1. TGS-2020505817 Classroom Management (WSQ) (Classroom & Asynchronous) 30
2. TGS-2020504078 Early Intervention: Fundamentals and Principles (WSQ) 16
3. TGS-2020504079 Early Intervention: Key Practices and Strategies (WSQ) (Classroom & Asynchronous) 30
4. TGS-2020001706 Ethics, Values and Legislation (WSQ) (Classroom & Asynchronous) 20
5. TGS-2020505813 Family and Caregiver Engagement (WSQ) (Classroom & Asynchronous) 30
6. TGS-2020503237 Resilience and Self-Care (WSQ) (Classroom & Asynchronous) 30


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