Criminology – The Study of Crimes and Criminals

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Criminology – The Study of Crimes and Criminals

By: ASAS School

August 14, 2018


On the morning of the 6th of January 1979, a chilling discovery struck the Tan family – all four children of the Tan family were found dead in their one-room HDB flat in Geylang Bahru, Singapore. All of the children were slashed and hacked, and their bodies were piled on top of one another in the bathroom, waiting to be discovered by their mother after she and their father returned from work.


To this day, this crime remains unsolved, although criminal investigators have speculated that the murders were being motivated by vengeance. But how did the criminologists come to this conclusion?


In essence, criminologists study crimes and those who commit it, including evaluating the nature of the various types of crimes and the criminals behind them. Criminologists also conduct a lot of research on why and how crimes happen, and they use their research to develop theories supporting the reasons behind crimes and criminals.


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