Victimology – the Scope and Career Prospects

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Victimology – the Scope and Career Prospects

By: ASAS School

January 29, 2018



When crime is committed, society is concerned with the perpetrator of the crime, and how the judicial system deals with the crime. Society tends to overlook the victims and their sufferings, when we should not forget that the victims can continue to suffer even after the criminals are punished, and the case closed in the eyes of the judiciary system. Victimology shines light on victims and their relationship with the perpetrator.


What is Victimology?

Victimology is the study of victimization, and considers the relationship between the victims, and the wrongdoers; the psychological effects on the victims, as well as the interaction between the victims, and the justice system, including the police and courts. The communication between the victims and the media, social groups and other institutions also come under its purview.


The History of Victimology

Coined by Benjamin Mendelsohn in 1947, Victimology is a part of Criminology. He used the term to define the scientific study of crime victims. Victimology gained popularity as a subject during the civil rights movement of the 1970s and ‘80s making the FBI aware of the victims. The FBI formed a group to study the relationships between the victims, wrongdoers, and the group dynamics. Several patterns were discovered during this time which helped in shaping Victimology as a separate subject.


Why is there Interest in Victimology?

Victimology considers the victims to be assets in booking the criminals. Without the victims, it is not possible to bring the crimes under the official knowledge of the police. Therefore, victims should be encouraged to report crimes and gain justice. In redressing their loss, victims should not be held responsible for the crime, and their rights protected. As such, Victimology also includes cases of human rights violation.

An area under Victimology gaining popularity is Criminal Profiling as studying why certain victims are chosen for a particular type of crime helps in profiling the criminals, and bringing them under the law.


Who Should Study Victimology?

Since Victimology is a highly specialized field of study which encompasses Criminology, Psychology, Law and other social sciences, anyone interested in these subjects can take up Victimology, and even specialize in it. People who are interested in Human Rights and its protection can study Victimology.

Personnel working in security fields can get better job prospects by studying it. They can find jobs in multiple fields like law enforcement, social services, child protection, corrections, and research analysis. They can directly work with victims, counsel them, and ensure that they attain justice.

Victimology is a specialized field that provides good working experience and a lot of scope to grow.

Arium School of Arts and Sciences offers several diplomas relating to Criminology/Sociology. We offer Victimology as a Professional Certificate, and also as a module towards our Specialist Diploma in Criminology, and Specialist Diploma in Forensic Psychology. Both Specialist Diplomas are suitable for those without degrees, and draws a lot of interest in those working in security related fields.

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