Training from Inpsychful LLP

Training from Inpsychful LLP

By: ASAS School

August 21, 2018

Opportunity to register with MOE under InPsychful LLP as freelance facilitators

ASAS students will have the opportunity to attend trainings provided by InPsychful LLP and 3-Sparks Pte Ltd. This would be a great chance for students to learn and be exposed to work in the education industry

3-Sparks Pte Ltd and InPsychful LLP have vast experiences working with youths at risk. They are keen to engage individuals who are interested to work with at-risk youths on a freelance project basis.

Students who are keen in participating will have to take part in a 2 day training programme. There will be a selection process after the training, 3-Sparks Pte Ltd and InPsychful LLP will select 7-10 individuals to join them as facilitators. Selected individuals will be registered with MOE as freelance facilitators under InPsychful LLP. All participants, regardless of successful selection or not, will receive a Certificate of Participation awarded by 3-Sparks Pte Ltd and InPsychful LLP.


Date of training:

9 September 2018, 10am to 5.30pm

15 September 2018, 9.30am to 1pm



9 Tampines Grande #02-11 to 22, 528735


No. of participants:

10 – 15


Contact Person:

Name: Camellia Wong

Contact number: 8798 8605

Email Address:


Contact form for interested students

For students who are keen, click here to send us your particulars by 31st August 2018, Friday.


Do note that there are limited slots available.


Facilitator Training Programme Details 

*Changes may be made to the training topics


The training aims to build capability and capacity in the area of youth work, in particular, working with vulnerable youths.


We aim to achieve basic learning outcomes through a one to two day training for individuals who are keen to work with this population.

  1. Application of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Competencies and matching the relevance to youth work.
  • Participants will learn what is SEL.
  • How this model applies to youth work.
  1. Awareness of Social Services and youth work in Singapore.
  • Areas of social services with emphasis on youth work
  • Career opportunities
  1. Using props-based debrief and teachable moments in youth work.
  • Experiential based learning.
  • Teaching participants basic debriefing skills utilising props
  • Identifying teachable moments in youth work.
  1. Facilitation skills.
  • Fundamental skills for group facilitation.
  • Understanding group dynamics (youth)
  • What is facilitation about?
  1. Group work, and the impact of group dynamics.
  • Group dynamics – how to handle difficult situations
  • Group conflict within the group
  • Group conflict towards facilitator
  1. Real-life scenarios and role-plays to build skills necessary for facilitators who engage with at-risk youth.
  • Application of skills taught
  • Participants will be given specific roles in the role-play
  • Participants will have the opportunity to role-play as a facilitator

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