Providing a Helping Hand to Children with Special Needs

Special Needs Education Singapore

Providing a Helping Hand to Children with Special Needs

By: ASAS School

July 17, 2018


In a survey by Lien Foundation, local parents of children with special needs were surveyed for their views on inclusion with regard to children with special needs and education. Shockingly, only less than a third (28%) of them saw Singapore as an inclusive society, and only 11% of industry professionals think of Singapore as an inclusive society. They especially feel that education is a key sector with many barriers to inclusiveness, such as the lack of resources available for special needs children.

Children with special needs require constant care, and their individual needs have to be addressed in order to help them as much as possible. So what does this mean for us? As the general public or as teachers with little/no experience with children with special needs, we want to learn how to help them integrate into our society, but we might not have the necessary skills or  expertise to help them to the best of our abilities.

At Arium School of Arts and Sciences, we offer both Specialist Diplomas as well as Professional Certificates in Special Needs Education, where students will learn about the techniques and methods on enhancing their skills in treating the special needs students. Students will also gain more insight on understanding the needs of these children.

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