MindChamps Allied Care @ East Coast

MindChamps Allied Care @ East Coast

By: ASAS School

September 14, 2019

MindChamps Allied Care @ East Coast

MindChamps Allied Care uses evidence-based practice, an integration of research evidence with clinical expertise and your child’s values and preference to achieve improved therapy outcomes. The MindChamps Allied Care team strongly believes in working closely with family to support child’s development. This is an unpaid internship, undertaken on a voluntary basis.

Internship Hours

Interns would be required to work on:

  • Saturday (9am – 12.30pm), or
  • Weekdays (9am – 6pm), or
  • Weekday afternoons (2pm – 6pm), or
  • Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Friday mornings (9am-2pm)

You are required to commit for at least 3 months to 6 months.

Job Description for Interns

  1. Classroom support involving teaching pedagogy for children with various abilities
  2. Alongside the psychologist, design and implement behavioural interventions with a focus on teaching children how to develop effective cognitive skills, learning strategies, personal and social skills.
  3. Assisting the psychologist with social skills group work based on formulation of each student’s strengths and needs, while taking into account the group dynamics.
  4. Participate in using research to formulate strategies for parents to use in the form of flyers

Interested applicants may email Linda at advisor@asasedu.com.

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