Certificate in Writing and Communication

level 4 - extended diploma in management curriculum

By: ASAS School

April 3, 2015


Program Introduction

This certificate helps students make the transition between high school and college by introducing them to academic writing. The freshman writing instructor guides students to communicate clearly, effectively, and creatively in a university setting and other communities. Emphasizing critical reading, writing, and thinking, the course teaches students how to discover and create knowledge by generating questions, investigating issues, and forming their own opinions. Although sections will differ according to the instructor’s individual approach, students will receive a lot of feedback on their writing through writing workshops and instructor comments.


Academic Requirements

  • Minimum 16 years old
  • N Level

Language Requirements

  • English


Course Commencement Dates

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Structure and Duration

  • 3 months, Part-time
  • Once per week, 7pm – 9pm
  • Full-time study is not available

Delivery Method

Classroom based.

Graduation Requirements

  • 75% Attendance is required to receive the Certificate in Writing and Communication
  • Achieve a minimum Grade ‘D’, students will gain exemption for Freshman Composition I
  • Students will be conferred Certificate in Writing and Communication upon completion, awarded by Arium School of Arts & Sciences.

Course Fees

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Teaching Staff & Student-Teacher ratio

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Average Teacher-Student ratio is 1:45.

Course Plan