Volunteer Opportunities for December: Yayasan Mendaki (YM)

Volunteer Opportunities for December: Yayasan Mendaki (YM)

By: ASAS School

December 14, 2017


In collaboration with Yayasan MENDAKI (YM), ASAS is facilitating volunteer opportunities for our students.


YM is looking for volunteers for the upcoming assignments and opportunities.


If you are interested to volunteer or take part in any of the activities, please click here to register.


 1. Friday, 8 Dec 2017 – Wednesday, 28 Feb 2018

Event: Early Childhood Champion (ECC) 2018

Duty: We are looking for volunteers who will be our ECC. Volunteers will be working with MENDAKI’s School Ready Programme, to connect and engage with families with preschool going children. You will be the connector/intermediaries to share resources/information with these families. You shall empower parents to be more aware of using their strengths to be self-sufficient.

Programmes for ECC are:
– Project Empower Ambassador
– KidsREAD
– KidStart
– Reading At The Park
– TigaM Trainer / Facilitator

They will contact you for interview and training.

Time: –
Venue: 51 Kee Sun Ave, off Tay Lian Teck Road, 457056


2. Monday, 1 Jan 2018 – 30 Nov 2018

Event: Youth Mentoring 2018

Duty: Youth Mentoring for 2018 for various programmes for Sec Sch students

– Volunteers’ age group (18 – 35 years old)
– Interest in outdoors activities and working with youth
– Able to commit to 80% of mentoring schedule
– Commit to a mentoring relationship with the mentees that will last at least 10 months
– Group mentoring ratio of 2:5 (mentors to mentees)
– Update on mentees’ progress fortnightly via reports
– Complete pre and post quantitative and qualitative feedback

Level: Lower Sec Students / Upper Sec Students / Any
Location in Singapore: East / West / North / South / Central / Any

1. Applicants will be invited for screening interview
2. Successful applicants will be required to attend compulsory basic mentoring training in Jan/Feb 2018.

Time: –
Venue: WISMA MENDAKI, 51 Kee Sun Avenue, Singapore 457056

If you are interested to volunteer or take part in any of the activities, please click here to register.


See you soon!