Overseas Internship & Practicum for Counseling & Psychology Students

Overseas Internship & Practicum for Counseling & Psychology Students

By: ASAS School

May 5, 2016

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With the increasing emphasis on gaining practical experience in counselling and psychology training, students of mental health study are strongly encouraged to achieve effective skills through more global exposure. This exceptional program is designed to equip students with multi-cultural immersion in Indonesia working with a diverse population. Besides getting professional clinical supervision from qualified staff, you will also gain invaluable experience in visiting and contributing to various mental health institutions during the one week stay. This will give you a clear edge as you make progress into professional work when you finally graduate from your program.


1. Professional Clinical Supervision from Qualified Psychologists
2. Working with International Clients from Diverse Backgrounds
3. Insightful Visits & Contributions to Mental Health Institutes in Jakarta
4. Internship and Training at TASE Psychology Centre
5. Supervision Certificate endorsed by Psychotherapy Association of Singapore upon completion.
6. Intensive Program will amount to 70 hours of practicum
7. International Experience in Multi-Cultural Immersion

Dates: 20-27 June 2016 (7 Days)

Group Size: 8-10 students

Cost: S$600 excluding flight, accommodation & food

For further information:
Call: +65 9189 5049 (Khai) or
Email: kyril.rassidy@gmail.com

For more information on the program, please click the link below:

Overseas Internship & Practicum for Counseling & Psychology