College Algebra

College Algebra

  1. Module Title: College Algebra
  2. Module Prefix/Number: MATH 106
  3. Credit Hours: Three (3)
  4. Description: An introduction to the basic techniques of algebra. Topics include functions (linear, quadratic, polynomial, root, rational, exponential, and logarithmic),systems of equations, partial fractions, synthetic division, inequalities, and complex numbers.
  5. Student Learning Outcomes: At the end of this course students will have:
    • Master the basic concepts of college algebra and apply them in wide variety of situations
    • Understand the definition of a function and use of function notation
    • Find arithmetic combinations and composite of functions and inverse of functions
    • Determine domain, range of a function, and where the function is increasing, decreasing, or constant; also find intercepts, turning points & asymptotes
    • Sketch graphs of equations and use graphs of to solve equations
    • Use function graphs to determine solutions to non-linear systems of equations and also the following types of equalities and inequalities: linear, quadratic, polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic
    • Use matrices to solve systems of linear equations. Add and subtract matrices, multiply matrices by real numbers and multiply matrices
    • Evaluate determinants and using determinants to solve systems of equations
  6. Grading Scale: Your letter grade in this course will be determined by calculating your score on all assignments and exams as a percentage of the total possible score, on a standard grading scale:
    Your Letter Grade Your Score as % of Total
    A 90–100
    B 80-89
    C 70-79
    D 60-69
    F 0-59

    Assignments 40%

    As part of the requirements, students must complete short assignments based on these studies. There will be 2 assignments, each attracting 20% of total course grade.

    Assignment (Essay) 20%

    Students are also required to turn in an essay assignment.

    Guidelines for the essay assignment:

    • Word limit: 1500 – 2500
    • The assignment should be typed using Times New Roman, 12-point size, double spaced, and 1″ margins.
    • The assignment should be edited for spelling and grammar.
    • References to be provided using the APA guidelines.

    Exam 40%

    There will be a Final exam. The exam will be based on material covered in the textbook readings and lecture notes.