Professional Certificate in Coach Based Leadership Skills

Professional Certificate in Coach Based Leadership Skills

  1. Course Prefix/Number: CRS-N-0043597
  2. Training Hours: 21 hours
  3. Prerequisites: None
  4. Unit grading structure: None
  5. Assessment guidance: Assignments in accordance with awarding organisation guidance
  6. Unit Aims:Day 1

    1. CBL Program Overview (2.5 hour)
    • The art and science of coaching and consulting
    • How executives could leverage their professional expertise
    • Developing a mobile and fulfilling lifelong career

    2. CBL In an Organizational Setting (2.5 hour)
    • The critical ability to function as an internal consultant
    • The changing landscape of the organizational world
    • The role of the intrepreneur in the 21st century

    3. Schein’s Career Anchors (2 hour)
    • Finding your strengths as a Coach based Consultant
    • Aligning with your qualities for successful contribution
    • Helping others to find their passion

    Day 2

    4. The Nature of an Appreciative Perspective (2.5 hour)
    • The art of appreciative exploration
    • The practice of open-mind and open-heart inquiry
    • Building a strong alliance for effective collaboration

    5. Coach-Based Consulting Tool: The Clearness Process (2.5 hour)
    • The application of open focus
    • The reflective inquiry practice
    • The development of sustainable achievement

    6. The CBL Trio (2 hour)
    • The practical application of engagement
    • The art of asking questions
    • Achieving results with focus and empathy

    Day 3

    7. Coach-Based Consulting as a Problem-Resolving Venture (2.5 hour)
    • Analysing the types of problems
    • Ability to clarify the concerns
    • How to stay with good questions with no answers

    8.Fundamental Components in Coach-Based Consulting Contract (2 hour)
    • Building a contract with clients
    • Facilitating the understanding for more fundamental interventions
    • Achieving trust and interdependence

    9. The Leader as Coach (2.5 hour)
    • Applying the Revised Balint Method: A Powerful Tool for Reflecting on Coach-Based Consulting practices
    • Freeing and Binding: The Interpersonal Effect of Responses
    • The art of Polarity Management

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