Year 2020

Year 2020

Professional Certificate Programs

“All Singaporeans aged 25 and above can use their $500 SkillsFuture Credit from the government to pay for a wide range of approved skills-related courses. Visit the SkillsFuture Credit website ( to choose from the courses available on the SkillsFuture Credit course directory.”

Arium School of Arts & Sciences (ASAS) offers a wide range of Professional Certificate programs. Some of these courses can be paid with the Skillsfuture SG (SSG) SkillsFuture Credit. You can contact us to enquire more about using your SkillsFuture Credit for SSG approved courses.

There is no prerequisite for applying for the Professional Certificate courses. No assessments required.

The list of Professional Certificate courses available for 2020 can be found below.

Application Procedure

To download an application form, please click here: 2020 Professional Certificate Application Form
For Application and SkillsFuture Credit Claim procedure, please click here: Registration Procedure

These Professional Certificates can be used to apply for our Specialist Diploma, Advanced Diploma of Arts and Graduate Diploma programs. Please click the link for a complete list of our Diploma programs:

For more information, please feel free to contact our Consultants today.

Certificate Completion Requirements

Students are required to have at least 75% attendance to attain the Certificate. Students may collect their certificates 3 months after the end of the last class.


Our course outlines are based on past year textbooks; there may be changes to the current year textbooks’ edition.


WDA Ref Code Course Title – Psychology & Health and Social Care

(Click on Course Title below for detailed syllabus)

Course Dates Day/ Time Course Fee S$
CRS-N-0033081 Professional Certificate in Developmental Psychology TBC TBC $500
CRS-N-0040812 Professional Certificate in Child Development (Inclusive of Developmental Psychology) TBC TBC $500
CRS-N-0032433 Professional Certificate in Abnormal Psychology TBC TBC $500
CRS-N-0033086 Professional Certificate in Abnormal Child Psychology (Inclusive of Abnormal Psychology)
TBC TBC $500
CRS-N-0035355 Professional Certificate in Education Psychology TBC TBC $500
CRS-N-0033087 Professional Certificate in Counseling & Psychotherapy TBC TBC $500
CRS-N-0033080 Professional Certificate in Theories of Personality TBC TBC $500
CRS-N-0033092 Professional Certificate in Special Needs Education TBC TBC $500
CRS-N-0035354 Professional Certificate in Cognitive Psychology TBC TBC $500
CRS-N-0035350 Professional Certificate in Behavior Modification (Inclusive of Cognitive Psychology) TBC TBC $500
CRS-N-0033090 Professional Certificate in Parenting: Parent-Child Relationship TBC TBC $500
CRS-N-0045486 Professional Certificate in Stress Management TBC TBC $500
CRS-N-0040331 Professional Certificate in Child Play Therapy TBC TBC $500
Professional Certificate in Helping Relationships TBC TBC $500
Professional Certificate in Ethics in Counseling TBC TBC $500
Professional Certificate in Group Counseling Process & Practice TBC TBC $500
Professional Certificate in Introduction in Social Science Research TBC TBC $500
Professional Certificate in Research Methods TBC TBC $500


WDA Ref Code Course Title – Sociology and Criminology

(Click on Course Title below for detailed syllabus)

Course Dates Day/ Time Course Fee S$
CRS-N-0033082 Professional Certificate in Forensic Psychology TBC TBC $500
CRS-N-0040092 Professional Certificate in Theories of Criminal Behavior TBC TBC $500
CRS-N-0033089 Professional Certificate in Family Violence TBC TBC $500
CRS-N-0033084 Professional Certificate in Victimology TBC TBC $500
CRS-N-0040080 Professional Certificate in Criminal Justice TBC TBC $500


WDA Ref Code Course Title – Business and Communications

(Click on Course Title below for detailed syllabus)

Course Dates Day/ Time Course Fee S$
CRS-N-0033011 Professional Certificate in Communication Skills TBC TBC $500

Write Reports


TBC TBC $790
CRS-Q-0031315-SVCF Project A Positive & Professional Image TBC TBC $260
CRS-Q-0034359-SVCF Provide Go-The-Extra-Mile Service (WSQ) TBC TBC $300
CRS-Q-0036609-BM Present Information (WSQ) TBC TBC $850
CRS-Q-0031316-SVCF Respond To Service Challenges (WSQ) TBC TBC $290


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