Communication Skills

Communication Skills

    1. Unit level: 4
    2. Unit Code: L/503/7071
    3. GLH: 60
    4. Credit value: 15
    5. Unit grading structure:Pass
    6. Assessment guidance: Assignments in accordance with awarding organisation guidance
    7. Unit Aims:

The aim of this unit is to develop knowledge and understanding of communication where Learners will demonstrate a range of communication skills including carrying out an oral presentation to colleagues, a face to face consultation with a service user and formal written communication.

  1. Learning Outcomes
    1. Understand how internal communication takes place within organisations
      • Explain the process of communication
      • Assess the appropriate use of different modes of communication for different purposes
      • Analyse barriers to effective communication within organisations
    2. Understand how organisations communicate with customer
      • Evaluate formal communication systems used by organisations to communicate with customers
      • Analyse the effectiveness of using social media to communicate with customers
      • Assess the images organisations portray through their communications
    3. Understand the factors that impact on the effectiveness of communications
      • Assess the impact of personal relationships on effective communications
      • Assess the impact of non-verbal communication on oral communications
      • Assess the impact of technology on oral and written communication
      • Review the use of conventions in written communications
    4. Be able to present oral information effectively
      • Design an oral presentation for a specified audience
      • Present complex information orally
      • Use technology to support presentation skills
      • Assess effectiveness of own communication
    5. Be able to communicate effectively in writing
      • Communicate complex information for specific purposes
      • Document a meeting
      • Use charts and graphs to convey quantitative data
      • Review written communication

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